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Onwards to glory
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"you need a strongarm government which would ruthlessly deal with the dissent from the welfare queens"
Wrong, private mercenaries will be enough. 
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Bike lane motherfucker
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Pagan gods
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sure, that too I just find some personal joy in pairing everyone's favourite fantasy that the magic money bag is going to pay for a perfect outcome every time, and the reality that it's not
Taxation is now used to fund all kinds of things that aren't, by any means, "essential functions".
Consider this: if you wouldn't personally offer your money up for donation to the war on drugs, internet surveillance and submarines, then being forced to do so against your will would be theft by definition.
There is a lot of middle ground to occupy, but somehow (and this is where the fairy dust comes in), people think there's not
People think that if you don't involuntarily pay for stupid shit, your roads will never be fixed Like it's a package deal somehow?
Call me crazy, but there are far more optimal solutions than that. 
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Murakami, Mężczyźni bez kobiet
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